September 4, 2007

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was a great example of what a perfect day is like for me! We spent the entire day hanging out as a family... With all the busyness of the summer, we haven't had much of a chance to do family outings. Now, we are trying to make up for that!

We hoped in the car and headed up to Newton Wave Pool in Surrey, B.C., Canada... it was cloudy down here, but in B.C., it was beautiful. That made the drive nice. The wave pool is indoors, so it was very comfortable! They have three different pools, and the kids made use of ALL three. Maddie said her favorite was the medium size one that has a little blue slide going into it. There was also a really big wave pool that both the kids liked. Taylor especially liked running into the waves as they rolled in. Maddie is certainly a water child! She goes crazy when she gets in the water. Any sense of self control she has before she gets in the water (which isn't much...) goes completely away! Out of control! Taylor was not as adventurous as Madisyn, but he still really enjoyed being in the water.

One thing I have to say that was funny was the reaction we got from the border patrol guards coming and going. When they asked where we were going/where we had been, and we told them to a swimming pool, they were both dumbfounded as to why we were going to Canada to go swimming... they must have thought we didn't know the US had swimming pools!

After the pool, we headed back the the US and went straight to Ed & Aileen's Dairy in Lynden for .39 cent ice cream cones and end of the season blackberries!! So good.... can you tell?

We stopped at my sister's house in Lynden before we started home. We ate dinner at this cute little diner on the Hannegan Road called the Rusty Wagon. Rick said he'd driven by the place a hundred times, but had never eaten there... it was really good! We might have to go back!

The night ended with the kids fast asleep from a long day of playing, and Rick and I shared some time together watching this gorgeous sunset!

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