September 11, 2007

Are you kidding me?!

For those of you (myself included) who have been wondering what my next two years will look like for nursing school, here it is:
NINETEEN INCHES and counting... and THIS is only for the first QUARTER!!!

I think I will use a lot of them throughout the two years, but there are still MORE books to buy next quarter!

Pray with me AND for me!!


laura said...

My husband graduated in 2005 as an RN --those textbooks look like they're the same edition that he used.

It's lots of work--I'm sure glad he was the one going through it, not me! We were a bit surprised by how much writing was involved in the curriculum-- lots of papers all huge and due close together.

Good luck to you :)
Sorry if this isn't encouraging...hehe. I just popped by your blog, linked off my mom's site!

Cookie Lady said...

My Dear Child
You're picking up where your old Mom left off some 38 years ago at Fresno City College. I am so very proud of you and have complete confidence that 2 years from now you'll be the best RN that you can be. A very rewarding career! God will walk every step of the way if you allow Him to lead you.
Love to the Moon and Back