September 21, 2007

First day of Preschool

Thursday was another BIG day at our house - Taylor's first day of PRESCHOOL!! For three days, he went with me to drop off and pick up Maddie from Kindergarten. Not a day went by that he didn't ask, "When do I get to go to school?" Well, this was the day!
He was so excited. The first thing he said when he woke up and I told him he got to go to school was, "Yeah, and I get to have pudding!" Apparently he saw that Maddie had gotten pudding in HER lunchbox the day before, so he should get one too. Rational thinking.

When we got there, he seemed a bit apprehensive. He looked SO cute carrying his new TMNT lunchbox. He didn't need to bring a lunch, but he insisted on bringing one - with the pudding. Once he got to his classroom, he found his cubby hole with his name on it, hung up his coat, and went right to playing! He barely even looked back at me as I was leaving. What a big boy!
When I got there to pick him up, it was lunch time. They actually cook a meal for all the children, so he didn't even thing about the lunch he'd brought - or the pudding. Mexican rice with chicken, green beans, and fruit cocktail - yummy!
They all looked so cute lined up at the tables. There were about six kids on each side of the table. When I asked Taylor what he liked about the day, he said the bible story and play time. Sounds like a great school day to me!
By the time we got out the door to go home, he was ready to leave... this picture says it all. I asked him to smile, and he said he was too tired, so his fingers had to help him. Ok, Smarty.

Speaking of smarty, watch this:

Do you THINK he's ready for school? Maybe he could teach them a thing or two...


Vegalusans said...

Oh this is great! I love the "my fingers had to help me" idea - I just may try that. Thanks for keeping us updated with the Norris happenings! (and, yes, fall is quite here, even though it's 82 degrees here in Boston!)

Sean said...

O.k., good one! Make me cry! I wish all the parents of my students were spending time like this with their kids!!!

Cookie Lady said...

Nani and Poppa are so proud of you and your first day of school. What a cute little face.
Love U