December 3, 2007

First Snow!

Bellingham had about 2 inches - yep, count 'em - two inches of snow! Saturday proved to be a great day to stay home and enjoy playing outside, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies!

We have a great sledding hill in the back yard. There is a steep driveway that is awesome for sledding. Maddie and Taylor spent a good hour going up and down...

Taylor actually enjoyed it this year. Last year he wasn't so fond of it, but this year he's learned to climb on the sled, hold on and go down the hill by himself. I have to admit it's pretty funny to watch him go tumbling down when he falls off. Every time he stands up and yells a big "YES! That was AWESOME!" What a good sport.
We are looking forward to a fun winter of lots more sledding and hot chocolate! Hope your Christmas season is getting off to a wonderful start!

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