March 16, 2007

Catching up...

Sorry it has been awhile since an update. Life has been crazy. The kids are growing up SO fast! We registered Maddie for Kindergarten last week - can you even believe it? I can't!

She looks like she is seventeen! She has loved preschool this year. She taught herself the sign language alphabet, is starting to work on addition/subtraction, and is REALLY looking forward to her bowling birthday party. Her latest accomplishment was finally mastering the internet games for kids - it is quite hilarious to see her play the computer!

Taylor had become quite the little man!

He loves to play video games on Maddie's "pink" LeapPad game. He is already spelling, Maddie taught him the sign language alphabet, and he is looking forward to going to "school" next year (he will go to a daycare while I am in school). He loves to play with his trains and race cars, and they are both looking forward to swimming lessons and learning to ride their bikes this summer. Taylor is quite the character. He likes to laugh and tease his sister - isn't that what little brothers do?

Rick's band has gone through quite a few transitions, but they are doing better than ever. They are writing/recording some new stuff to get out and heard. Church is going really well - we love the peeps and we are going in so many different ways.

I am three days away from finishing my pre-reqs for the nursing program at Whatcom. I am turning in my application May 18, and should know by mid-June if I am accepted. Please keep me in your prayers. This will be a major change for all of us since the program will be full time for two years starting this fall. I am really excited, but nervous. The program is competitive entry, so there is a chance I won't get in - but I am hoping for the best. :-)

The kids and I are looking forward to a California trip in a couple weeks to see my dad and grandma, Rick and I are excited about a trip to the Grand Canyon in June, and a college girlfriend reunion for me in Chicago in August - this summer is going to be great!! More details later...

Hope you all are doing well! I will be better at updates - I promise. Maddie and Taylor have birthdays coming - I will be sure to post pics of the party.

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