March 20, 2007

I ask for smiles... this is what I get

Favorite Maddie & Taylor quotes of the week:

"Hey guys, where does God live?" mommy asks... (mind you, I am looking for "in our hearts" as the correct answer)

Maddie: "In our necks!"

Taylor: "In Bellingham"

And that is my two kids in a nutshell.

Maddie and Taylor are fast approaching 5 yo and 3 yo. I am having trouble believing it myself, but it is going to happen. We went to their well child visits last week. Maddie is in the 100th percentile for her height - go figure - and 75th for weight. She is taller than most 6-year-olds we know. When I went to register her for Kindergarten, a woman in the office asked if we were new to town and enrolling her in 1st grade?! Slow down! I gotta get her in Kindergarten before she is half way through 1st grade. She is now at the age where every time I ask her to smile for a picture, this is what I get:

Looks like it might take some work to get a good smile for pics (sigh...).

Taylor is a ham. He is getting so big! He looks like such a little man. I probably said it before, but this time warp has GOT to stop. According to the doctor, he is 50th percentile for height, 60th for weight and 100th for his head circumference! Now THAT is something to be proud of... maybe that is why he is so stinkin' smart. The kid has already mastered all of Maddie's LeapPad games that are for ages 4-6. He is really excited about his new "dinosaur" bed. He and Maddie share a room, and his bed has dinosaur sheets (I wonder if those come in queen size).

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