May 17, 2008

My little girl

What can I say... Lately I have been overwhelmed with how amazing God is. I see Him in everything, but who I have seen Him in a lot recently is my Maddie.
She has such a genuine heart. She really loves people, loves her family, and really loves God. She talks about Him everyday. She loves to sing songs about him (see video below), she tells stories about Jesus, she recites verses that she's learned in Kindergarten. She is truly coming to understand God's love by learning through her actions towards others.

My mom volunteers and heads up a homeless ministry in Olympia. One of her many responsibilities is delivering food baskets from their collective food bank to people who are in need. Maddie has gone on many of the deliveries with her, and everytime she comes home, the first thing she tells me how wonderful it was to give to people who needed help.
When someone is hurt or sad, Maddie will be the first one there to comfort them. When Taylor cut open his forehead, my sister brought her to the hospital to see him, and she nearly cried for him. She wanted to be sure to tell him she was sorry for him, and that she wanted to give him a kiss.

One of the things I love the most about Maddie is her keen awareness of the Lord's presence with us on a daily basis. She loves reading her bible, and she prays with fervor. This is the chalk art that she drew today:
"Jesus 'dide' (died - she's learning about the silent e...) He lives" Amen!
Watch the video below... it is a little hard to hear, but today, she was riding around on her razor with my iPod attached to her hip, singing her worship songs. She didn't know the exact words, and after listening to her, I thought it was adorable. The words are supposed to be "Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you" Listen closely...

"I will never praise you." Hilarious. She'd be really upset if she actually listened to what she was saying... I think we all have some songs from our childhood that we sang words that didn't make sense, no?

Maddie is growing up to be a beautiful girl. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me such a wonderful baby girl.

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