January 21, 2008

New Years weekend

Our good friends, Nate and Laura, moved to Portland a couple years ago. When we decided to get away for New Years, we couldn't think of a better place to go, or better people to see than the Streibs! Much to our happiness, they were excited to have us down. We spent three days there enjoying Portland, all it's yummy food, and got some wonderful time in with our friends.

I am a big fan of the McMeniman's pubs and restaurants, so our first night there, we went to St. John's Theater and Pub. The food was outstanding... as was their Ruby beer... yum! Rick enjoyed their Nebraska Bitter. Their restaurants are the coolest. If you ever have a chance to go to one, DO IT! The next day was New Years Eve, and we had plans to meet some of their friends from the Seattle/Portland hockey game. Neither of us had ever been to a hockey game before. It was a lot of fun. Rick enjoyed shouting the lingo, such as, "Clear it!" and "Keep it in!" We did have a fundamental issue, however, with cheering for the Portland team like everyone else was. We are, after all, Seattle peeps! So we quietly rooted for them!After watching Seattle destroy Portland, we ate dinner at Widmer Brothers... YUM, then headed back to the Streib's for some drink and card playing! We had so much fun. We even stopped our card game (briefly) to toast the New Year! Thanks Nate and Laura for welcoming us. We can't wait for some more time with you two!

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