January 21, 2008


This weekend, we headed over the pass to Leavenworth, WA. Rick was performing a wedding ceremony for a couple from our church over there, so we were able to use the opportunity as a weekend-getaway! I had never been to Leavenworth, but I'd heard a lot about it. I love Europe, especially Bavaria, so this was like a little piece of heaven to me. If you like little villages and the european style, go to Leavenworth.

This is the village during the day. This weekend was the Icicle Festival, so there were a lot of people. It was still really enjoyable to walk around, though. I still can't really figure out what they were doing for the festival, though. Some guy was announcing over the town loudspeaker system something about ice cube races... I'm not sure!
This is the same part of town at night. The entire village is lit up with beautiful Christmas lights. Even though the stores were closed, I loved walking through the village at night. It was COLD, but the ambiance was so magical!

This was one of the store fronts. I just liked the decorations!

A true Bavarian Christmas tree - pretzels and all!

On Saturday we has a chance to explore the village while it was awake! There were kids sledding on the hill right behind us (in the picture). There were people sledding at all hours of the night. I just couldn't get over people sledding down the hills in the middle of the village!

This, of course, is Rick's signature shop. If you know Rick at all, you know he LOVES cheese! He will stand in the kitchen with a block of Tillamook and a knife, and be happy as can be. This store, however, has stolen his heart! They gave out free samples of any and all their cheeses. They were very accommodating in answering our questions, and quickly won us over! Hence, Rick loves this store. He IS the Cheesemonger!

The drive home was beautiful. The trees were so majestic looking on the mountains... this picture was just along side the road as we were driving. I loved being able to get away and feel like I've actually been on a mini-vacation.

Congratulations, Bill and Katy! Thank you for helping us make this weekend a memorable one...

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