June 12, 2009


So... my favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. Hands down. Amazing talent! I DREAM of being as good a dancer as those kids... ah... it's nice to dream.

While watching this week's elimination episode, Taylor asked if he could hang out with me and watch too. Me being the artist I am was happy to enrich his mind and open him to the world of dance. Here is some of his commentary:

(During the tango) "Mommy, is one of those people a man? I can't tell which one!" (me) "He's the one with the ponytail." (Taylor) "Really?"

(watching Tony the hiphop dancer) "Now THAT is dancing."

(during Asuka's routine) "She's cute." (I completely disagree.. she is not my fav)

(during Jonathan's routine) "That was WOW WOW."

Take that Nigel Lythgoe.

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Jessica said...

that is hilarious, i love what they say...i need to be better about writing them down and this is good motivation! fun to have you black on the blog!