June 12, 2007

We are home

First of all, I just want to PRAISE GOD for His amazing anointing on this entire process. We feel so encouraged and excited about Rick finally on the road to healing. So thank you, God, for keeping your promises and providing for us in every way possible.

Yes, we are now home. Thank you to all of you who were praying yesterday and all the days leading up to the surgery. We could not have gotten through these last two months without all of your steadfast prayers!

We got to the hospital yesterday at 8:30. They took Rick into the pre-op area where his got poked and prodded a little. I met him up there shortly afterwards, and quickly teased him about the hair net he was made to wear. I immediately regretted not having my camera to recored the days events. He was taken into surgery 30 min. early yesterday, so it was nice to know they were keeping up on the schedule. He had a wonderful anesthesiologist, Dr. Derby, a great surgery nurse, Richard, and of course, a very capable, funny (and chatty :-) ) surgeon, Dr. Goldman. His surgery lasted the entire two hours, but nothing too unexpected occurred, so Dr. Goldman was very pleased. He expects Rick to have a complete and speedy recovery.

He got up to his room about 1 pm, and was very groggy and humorous to talk to. But for the most part, felt NO PAIN in his leg anymore! Praise God. The only pain he was feeling was from the surgery itself (to be expected, as he did just have surgery). It took him a couple hours to join us fully, but all in all, he did great. At one point, he tried to sit up and was thinking about trying to stand, but that thought was quickly diverted when the reality of the pain set in (enter valium and percocet). But after a McDonald's cheeseburger meal (his request...) and a little more rest, he finally stood up around 11 pm and walked!

We paced the halls a few times during the night, but mostly tried to rest, as we knew we could go home in the morning if he was doing well enough. Dr. Goldman cleared him to go home at 8 am, so we packed up to go. They brought Rick a "delicious" looking breakfast. Actually, it was really disgusting looking (some of it was a shriveled, dry sausage called "mystery meat" by the nurse). Once the paperwork was all taken care of, we were set free! I do have to say, we loved the nursing staff. All three of Rick's nurses (Debbie, Colleen, and Anne) were wonderful. They were so helpful and compassionate, and made a great impression on us.

We decided to make a pit stop by IHOP on the way home for Chocolate Chip pancakes (Rick's choice) - his first venture sitting down PAIN FREE!! He kept commenting on how wonderful it was to sit without pain and actually be comfortable. The smile on his face was priceless. Once we got home, he SAT in his "man chair" for the first time in two months, where he promptly fell asleep. I don't think I will be able to get him out of it now! That's ok, though, he deserves it.

Once again, I just want to thank everyone for your love, concern, and care you have showered on us. We love you all!

Praise God for healing!

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