May 17, 2007

Pray for the injured

So, about five years ago, Rick hurt his back. From time to time, he has flare ups that last about a week, then go away. He has done really well for the last year and a half until about a month ago. Simply picking up a dumb bell at the gym caused his disc in his lower lumbar spine to herniate. This is how my husband has looked for the last three weeks:

After strong narcotics and muscle relaxers, he can finally get comfortable on the couch cushions in the living room. He is unable to sit, he has a difficult time walking or standing still, and laying down in any other position by this is next to impossible.

Maddie is the perfect little nurse. She is very attentive to him. She always checks to make sure he is ok...

All this to say - we would covet your prayers. We met with a neurosurgeon yesterday who wants to operate on June 11 to do a microdiscectomy (remove the bulge of disc from his spine). Pray for comfort and pain relief until then, and of course for the surgeon's hands as he delicately operates. He will stay overnight, and home to recover for 3-4 weeks. We appreciate any prayers you can offer! Praise God his back will be fixed finally!

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